• The Poet in Paris is an intermediate-level poetry-writing course offered as part of the Maymester program at the University of Southern California. Created by poet-instructor Cecilia Woloch, the month-long course has brought 12 undergraduate poets to Paris to work closely with Cecilia and a host of guest poets who live and write in the City of Light. Students are participating in intensive workshops, discussions, readings, and the literary and cultural life of the city so as to broaden their vision and range as writers. This is where they come to share their experiences.
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The Green Hour Commute, a poem

The Green Hour Commute  By Sarah Ingerson   But people keep moving and the metro car drips, Peddlers peddle as their pitches get quicker Disgruntled commuters just chew on their lips. I open my flask, take a few hesitant sips, Nearly spit out my tongueful of licorice liquor But people keep moving and the metro … Continue reading

A Brief Snapshot of My Paris Parade

Paris is a beautiful city. It has sweetly convinced me that, maybe, I do in fact like bread. It has whispered that cobblestone streets crooked with age can, in fact, lead to contemporary art musuems.  It is a city of collisions, where you can collide into an unsuspecting foreigner with their eyes to the French … Continue reading


Since we had the day off on Thursday, (aka May 31st), Pierre and I decided to explore Versailles. And explore we did.  First, we braved the long line to see the palace…. And realized it’s just a lot of clashing marble…. Then, we walked around the gardens… And realized none of the fancy, famous fountains … Continue reading

Le Rayon Vert`

And another new one, named after an Eric Rohmer film I really like, but having nothing to do without, except maybe in tone: Le Rayon Vert by Billy Youngblood   The aperitifs are all in dusty bottles sealed with wax on a high shelf where I cannot reach them   And I am rooted to … Continue reading

Ekphrastics: Paris as Sculpture (and poetry!)

Here is one of the poems I read at Au Chat Noir; a cycle of ekphrastics based on the moods conjured by various statues around the city. Ekphrastics: Paris as Sculpture I. A great eruption of shovels and tie-rods, from the tail of a horse,  points down rue Four toward the rue du Rennes, and … Continue reading

The Metro

Oh Los Angelenos, do you tremble? Does the slightest utterance of transportation and L.A. send milk curdling within the recesses of your gastrointestinal system? Fret no more–The Devil’s Highway doth not exist here. Here in Paris, the metro maintains an integral role in the daily lives of Parisians. A network of some 300 stations–the majority of which are clustered … Continue reading

Au Chat Noir Round Two

So this is, I guess, my first ever public reading of my own work. Hell of a place to do it!

Hungry in the City of Lights

Eat One must always be hungry. For without hunger life would cease to exist. One must be hungry not just for food, but for life. For the unknown, for experience. It is through satiating these hungers that we are able to grow, to live, and of course to enjoy. But one must still remain hungry … Continue reading